The domain of air

Human activities are the principal cause of air pollution. In the long term, atmospheric emissions can disturb the balance in the atmospheric environment because it is continuous and additive, whether on a local or planetary scale. ATMOST conceives and supports systems that continuously measure atmospheric emissions (CEMS) that are high quality and reliable, offering optimized returns even for difficult applications.

The Domain of Noise and Vibrations

Acoustic surveillance and of vibrations generates increasing interest in various domains such as construction sites, transportation routes, cities, industries, etc. ATMOST carries out noise measures and simulations of noise for installations such as for industries, electricity production, factories, mines, energy, roads and airport infrastructure. Our work includes acoustic evaluation reports, acoustic verifications, basic surveys and studies as well as environmental noise evaluations.

The Domain of Odours

Bad odours can be a source of inconvenience for your neighbours. Controlling odours can help avoid social and legal conflicts. ATMOST offers a full range of specialized services in the measurement and control of odours. We have automized management systems and monitoring of on-site odours (Odoscan), using a network of electronic noses (Odowatch). With these two systems, the continuous monitoring of environmental odours are possible.

Workplace Air and Gas Sampling

With the help of our experienced specialists in hygiene and safety in the workplace, ATMOST works alongside industries, by contributing to the identification, the elimination or the command of contaminations in the air in the workplace, and of factors in the environment that can impair the health of your workers. All our interventions are carried out using standardized procedures guided by normative and legislative framework.

Control and Evaluation of Noise and Vibrations in the Workplace

Every day workers are exposed to noise pollution. These can be derived from various sectors, such as factories, mines, or the construction site. Acoustic vibrations, acoustic pressures or pervasive noises are not only dangerous for those exposed to them, but they also produce a distraction that impedes concentration and communication between people. Prolonged and uncontrolled exposure can lead to serious problems including occupational deafness.

Continuous Monitoring of noise and vibrations in industrial settings

The surveillance systems developed by ATMOST not only allows the performance of a continuous analysis of noise and vibrations; it also surveys other types of contaminants in the air of the workplace. With a perspective of a healthy workplace, our solutions become an indispensable tool to continuously measure noise exposure, vibrations and the associated occupational risks. Our measurement systems are adaptable for personalized results.

Design and installation of meteorological and climactic stations

In accordance with your needs and the characteristics of your projects, we can customize and personalize a network of meteorological and climactic stations, meteorological towers using leading edge technology that satisfies OMM norms. Our technicians handle the installation of the stations as well as and the preventative and corrective maintenance that keeps our clients happy. Our meteorologists assist our clients so that exploitation becomes a profitable investment.

Characterization of the Wind and Solar Domains

The measurement of wind and metrological conditions is without a doubt the cornerstone of the evaluation and exploitation of wind potential. Certain conditions contribute to the production of wind energy, as well as other factors that reduce the optimal extraction potential of wind capacity. Measuring the wind potential is good, but evaluating the energy loss of a wind turbine in its environment is even better. With this in mind, it is important to adequately understand the tools, using the right ones, to predict capacity, whether for health and safety or for the management of the electricity network. However, having the right tools is not enough if the data control systems are not in place.

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